JJ Bio

In 2002 my Dad started rebuilding his 1968 Chevy C-10. The first day I went to work on it was the beginning of my passion for automobiles. Granted, at this time I didn’t know what I was really looking at or what he was actually doing. Regardless, I loved watching him do it. From then on I started digging into cars and trucks to see what was wrong with them so I could attempt to fix them.

As the years went by and high school came along I started taking automotive tech classes in order to gain a better understanding of how parts worked. These classes helped me to decide what I really wanted to do with my career.

Considering I was always working on older automobiles, I wanted to find a school that would teach me the specifics of restoration. I toured Wyo Tech and did a virtual tour of Lincoln Tech and ITT Tech. While at cross country practice one day, I overheard a teammate talking about attending McPherson College and how he was studying automotive restoration. I decided to look in to McPherson as well. I now have a Bachelor’s Degree in Automotive Restoration Technology from McPherson College.

While attending McPherson College I met Derek Stephenson. Derek and I became good friends. His senior year he was hired by Midwest Corvettes and Classics as a restoration technician. It sounded like a great place to work and put to use the knowledge I had acquired at McPherson. As it turned out, Carl was looking to add another restoration technician. Derek gave Carl my information and after graduation I made the move to Kansas City. Being brought in to such a wonderful shop has been a blessing to me. I am able to continue to hone my skills and gain knowledge on the fine detail areas that can’t just be taught in a class.