Errol Bio

My love for cars began the summer before my 16th birthday. I remember seeing my dad drive that 1973 Malibu that I had saved up all my money for down the hill, and absolutely buzzing with electricity that it was going to be MY car – my car that I was going to experience a whole new world of freedom in. My dad and I worked tirelessly to fix it up, reconfigure its interior to add bucket seats, repaint it, and make it fully “Errol-ready”.

Since then, my career has revolved around working in the automotive industry in several different capacities. I first worked as a gas jockey; I’ve haggled and sold cars; I’ve done extensive mechanic work; I’ve helped customers get cars ready for shows; I’ve managed different types of shops—you name it. Along the way, I began to have a deep love for old muscle cars, particularly Corvettes, and restoring them to their vintage condition. And I knew that this was the specific kind of work that I wanted to be doing every day.

I have been ASE certified for over 15 years and have gained a wealth of experience since that ’73 Malibu first came rumbling down the road. More importantly than that, I’ve found a job where I still wake up every single day and love the cars I get to work on, and I still find tremendous joy and a sense of purpose and accomplishment when I see the looks on our customers’ faces when we’re finished.