Derek Bio


In 2007 I found my passion for automobiles sitting in the weeds of my grandfather’s pasture. It was a 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

While going to High School in 2009 I started taking automobile classes through the College. From being a full time college student while I was senior in High School I went to Barton Community College to finish up my Automobile Technology Degree.

While I was at Barton I was always searching for a college that would teach me what I really wanted to do in my life, and it was restoring vehicles. I found McPherson College and they were they only college that offered a Bachelor’s Degree in Automotive Restoration Technology. I transferred to McPherson after Barton and went through the Restoration Technology course. I graduated from McPherson with a Bachelor’s Degree in Automotive Restoration Technology in May of 2014.

In my last semester at McPherson College Carl French came to the college and was interviewing students for a full time position at Midwest Corvettes and Classics. After I had an interview and a follow up hands on interview at the shop, he offered me a position. At the moment I became introduced into the Corvette world. Ever since joining Midwest Corvettes and Classics I have met some wonderful people and had some great opportunities.