Daniel Bio

Daniel Wills

Originally from Roseville, Ohio, my passion for cars started at a young age. After going to my first car show as a kid, my childhood was centered around cars.

I was greatly influenced by my uncle Bill who owns a 1942 Plymouth. After graduating high school I joined the USMC as a wheel vehicle mechanic for 4 years and completed 2 deployments before getting out. I stayed in the US Army reserves and later went back to active duty in the US Army as a wheel vehicle mechanic where I completed 1 deployment and stayed for 11 years. I am now back in the reserves and plan on finishing to my retirement.

During my time in the military, I was afforded the opportunity to complete a GM certification course and become a certified GM technician. On the side, I have built a 91 Z-28 estimated at 650 hp. I am currently working on my son’s 1980 Trans Am and my 1970 Buick Skylark. My daily driver is my 2001 Corvette convertible. I have been a member of Heart of Texas Corvette Club and Mid Texas Corvette Club and participated in numerous parades, car shows and Corvette invasions.

My pride and joy are my 2 beautiful kids!